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Many local home owners have realized substantial
increases in their homes' value over the past decade
despite the recent housing recession.  The cost of
heating, cooling and maintaining an old home
continues to increase.  Whether it is inferior
insulation, drafty windows, historic heating & cooling
systems, an old roof or dated kitchens and baths that
need remodeled, the "To Do"  list never ends.  
Extensive renovations equate to more debt and living
through an experience many try to forget.  

What was your monthly heating bill this winter?  This
summer, will you sweat in the heat and humidity or
hide in a few rooms with window air conditioners that
make the electric company's day?  In a new home by
Shore Builders you could save that money, put it
toward your mortgage, your car payment or treat
yourself to something special each and every month.  

Why settle for a few updates here and there or go
through an extensive renovation when you can enjoy
a brand new, highly energy efficient, hassle-free
home?  A home you start fresh with and one that only
you decide how it will be maintained from day one.  A
home that has all of the amenities you've dreamed of
and will be completed in a timely fashion.  

If you are a first-time home buyer or seeking to build
your dream house, do not let fears of obtaining a
mortgage or a construction loan deter you.  Loans are
available for those who qualify and numerous lenders
are anxious to entertain your request.  


PNC Bank
Shore Bank
BB&T Bank
Bank of America
Gateway Bank
State Farm Bank


Quicken Loans
Perhaps you are seeking your "Piece of The Beach" before all of
our country's coastal regions are fully developed.  There are 3000
miles separating the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans which equates to
3000 miles of the Baby Boom generation preparing for retirement.  
Many of them dream of spending their Golden Years on our
beautiful coasts...  Places where mild weather, spectacular fishing
& birding, and strolls by the water or on the links all contribute to
an active, yet relaxed, outdoor lifestyle.

Unfortunately, that lifestyle will be no more than a dream for many.  
California is fully developed and grossly expensive.  Attractive
areas of the Southern Coast are bursting at the seams with ugly
high-rise development and the East Coast is quickly reaching
saturation.  One look at the Outer Banks of North Carolina just
south of our Bay Bridge Tunnel tells the story.  Despite the recent
drop in home values, homes on the Outer Banks have still realized
a 300% increase in value over the past decade.  Simply stated,
affordable coastal property is a rare commodity that is still available
on Virginia's Eastern Shore.
The nationwide real estate market is coming out of recession and
the Eastern Shore is participating.  While real estate values on
Virginia's Eastern Shore did deteriorate, they never experienced
the horrific declines other regional "bubbles" experienced and were
so highlighted by the media.  The Eastern Shore is now more
attractive than ever and continues to represent fantastic value
compared to other coastal regions.  This is due to a number of
factors:  1) Our coastal property was and remains priced far below
that of other coastal regions. 2) There is virtually no speculative
housing stock to absorb.  3) Real estate taxes and the overall cost
of living here is among the lowest on the East Coast.  It is highly
common to see an annual real estate tax bill here equal just one
month of real estate taxes up North.  Accomack County real estate
taxes reside among the lowest on the east coast!  

Home owners exiting the grossly expensive North as their home
values recover are selling and buying elsewhere.  When clients
look at the homes we build and what they get for their money, they
see nothing but value that is ripe for appreciation as the recovery

Those who wish to retire on the Eastern Shore are taking
advantage of recovery in real estate, selling their homes up north,
and looking to the Eastern Shore while mortgage rates remain at
historic lows.  While not visibly apparent driving the primary roads,
a boat trip up any of our creeks or a drive through some of the
more attractive subdivisions tells the secret story as Eastern Shore
real estate is highly attractive.  

As the housing market continues to recover and interest rates rise
in step, those who are acting now will be rewarded with a retirement
home locked in at a mortgage rate that may not be seen again in
their lifetimes.  Some are selling their current homes, pocketing
cash, and seeking maximum loan-to-value financing on their
retirement home at these record low rates as they want cash that
can be put to work in the next few years when it could realize
returns far greater than the mortgage rate they locked in.     
We fully understand the apprehension absentee owners feel when
they consider pursuing a custom build from a distance. Common
questions a client asks are: How can I monitor progress? Where will
I find the time? How can I be assured that my advances are funding
my project? How will I make my custom selections?  Who will handle
the permitting, utility hook-ups and the seemingly endless list of

We utilize today’s Internet technology to its fullest extent - always
keeping our clients up-to-date on progress. Ongoing e-mails
loaded with current digital photos of their project put our clients on-
site no matter where they reside. Timely cash accountings keep
them informed of the project’s exact financial status to the penny.  
Thanks to standardized Super stores such as Lowes and The
Home Depot, a client in another state can browse their local store
or the Internet at their leisure, inform us of their custom selections
and we'll take care of the rest.  

While Shore Builders technically resides in the Construction
Industry, we consider ourselves equally rooted in the Service
Industry.  We understand that a client with the capital to make a
second home a reality is often a busy individual who is not just
paying for bricks and sticks but a level of service and performance
that eliminates the need for oversight.  Our clients needn’t set foot
in Virginia while their build is underway unless they care to.