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All of our homes are constructed using the latest advances in
building technology. They are 100% stick-built on site with an
unwavering commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. Many  
General Contractors must make a decision between quality and
speed on a daily basis. Because we utilize only the finest local
subcontractors, we are rarely presented with this dilemma.
However, when we are, we will not sacrifice quality for speed
simply because "It'll get covered up" or "No one will notice". In
fact, a great deal of the quality we build into our homes is
covered up. We hold our commitment to quality craftsmanship
paramount. As such, we prefer to explain the rare delay than
betray our commitment to quality.

We do not utilize modular construction, prefab trusses, or any
off-site elements whose sections are subjected to a 'road
massage' as they travel to the job site. We simply will not put
our name on a home where shortcuts have been taken. Yes,
our hand-crafted homes cost more but we would rather explain
the price than apologize for the quality.


 Quality Materials

 Quality Workmanship






 Environmental Sensitivity

A quality Builder can not effectively serve the
client without listening to the client. A potential
client of Shore Builders has usually selected a
home style, has some basic plans from the
Internet, a 'wish list' of amenities and a budget to
make the home a reality. It is the Builder's
obligation to verify the project is feasible given
the budget at hand.
All material selected, whether "top of the line" or "builder
grade" is based on best value for our clients' dollar.
Efficiency is as important to us as it is to our clients.    
Due to our proprietary computerized scheduling system
and a reliable network of material suppliers and
subcontractors who understand our sense of urgency,
we are often ahead of schedule.
All work is performed by us and fully licensed & insured
subcontractors. We have selected our subcontractors
based on their commitment to excellence and timely
performance rather than the lowest price.  If you've been
a resident of the Eastern Shore for some time, you
probably know our subcontractors by name as well as
their excellent reputations.
Style and consistency of that style is extremely important
to us.  At your request, we can select all interior and
exterior colors, materials, trim & hardware maintaining
the home's flavor and style throughout.
We deliver quality craftsmanship with a sharp eye on
the budget.  The inevitable end result is value... Value
not just in monetary terms but a home of aesthetic and
enduring quality that is built to last your lifetime and
beyond in our coastal environment.
The exchange of information and opinions.  While we
are fully capable of building with minimal client
involvement, we believe building a home is a major
undertaking for most of our clients.  Open, frequent
meetings & correspondence result in a stress-free
Your Plans or Ours
The firm adherence to a code of especially moral
values.  As a General Contractor our clients trust us
with one of the largest investments they will make in
their lifetime.  Delivering what we promise, when we
promise is paramount to our success.  
We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the
health & beauty of the Eastern Shore communities as
well as the waters that surround us.  Shore Builders
will not pursue projects that we believe are detrimental
to the neighborhoods we serve or the environment we
are striving to restore to its past vitality.

A builder with integrity does not proceed unless
there is a high probability the project will be
completed very near the budget at hand.  
Surprises have no place in this business. A build
that exceeds budget results in financial hardship
while a build that is significantly below budget
leaves a client with a smaller home or fewer
amenities and upgrades than they may have
wanted and could have afforded.

Beware of generalized
'Cost per Square Foot'
estimates that are highly unreliable.  Builders that
estimate on such a basis are guessing at best.
The only acceptable estimate is a highly detailed
line-item cost analysis such as Shore Builders

Beware of
'Foot-in-The-Door' initial estimates. If
an estimate seems to good to be true, it usually
is. The builder may have simply made a mistake
in estimating but, more often than not, a
"Foot-in-The-Door" estimate is used to win the
contract, get the client financially committed and
initiate construction.  Once it is too late, cost
overruns can be expected as allowances are
grossly insufficient and the 'not included' list
becomes very apparent.

Beware of
'Cost-Plus__%' quotes & contracts   
that sound reasonable but hide tens of
thousands of dollars in hidden builder profits via
Contractor discounts and provide no incentive for
the Builder to control costs.

Beware of
'Fixed Price' quotes & contracts.
While they appear risk-free, they are anything
but. In the event the quote is too low, it will cost
you far more in the long run. The builder will be
forced to cut costs, quality will suffer, inferior
materials will be used and unlicensed,
incompetent and uninsured subcontractors who
are 'Here today and gone tomorrow' will be
building your home. If an improperly fitted water
supply ruptures on your second story while you're
on vacation, that's 6,480 gallons of damage per
day, everyday, until it is discovered.

Seek the most competent builders who hold
Virginia's highest
Class 'A' General Contractor
License with a supplemental Builder (BLD)
and insist on seeing the current
license. Only Class 'A' licensed contractors have
earned the right to enter contracts of unlimited
dollar amounts in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Check your Contractor for prior disputes, claims
& disciplinary actions brought before and/or
imposed by Virginia's Department of Professional
and Occupational Regulation. This information is
public domain and available at the following
website:  Click:  
Virginia DPOR

Shore Builders estimates your custom build with a highly detailed line-item cost analysis (right down to the toilets and
water heater). Our estimate is based on the actual cost of our most recent build which is adjusted for fluctuating material
prices and then tailored to your specific home plan and the amenities/upgrades you select. Feel free to question any line
item in our estimate as we are happy to share our invoices and prior client references to assure you of our accuracy.

Shore Builders leads the industry with our proprietary
"Actual Cost Plus Fixed-Fee Quote & Contract". We do not
price custom builds on a 'Cost-Plus 10%' or a 'Cost-Plus 15%' basis as honesty and integrity are paramount to us. The
fact is, a Cost-Plus 10% or 15% contract is, in reality, a Cost-Plus 20% to 35% as it is common practice for suppliers and
subcontractors to generate two invoices, the invoice your Builder pays with a 10%,15% even 20% Contractor discount,
and the invoice your Builder shows you at the retail price. The Builder pockets the difference as these negotiated
discounts are considered additional profit and Builder bonus. On a $250,000 build, up to $50,000 can be secretly
pocketed. With Shore Builders' Actual Cost Plus Fixed-Fee Contract, our invoices, including all of our Contractor
discounts, are your invoices... Period. We have nothing to hide and we lock our General Contracting Fee up front.
Compare our estimate, contract, and quality with any Builder. We're confident you'll place your trust in Shore Builders.

Our Contemporary Country efficiently utilizes every available square foot.  There's no wasted space anywhere!  With its wide,
impressive covered front porch, it looks like 2,000 SF but, more importantly, with it's state-of-the-art floor plan it lives like 2,000sf.  
The beautiful "U" shaped kitchen can be customized as you see fit and features a breakfast/snack bar opening to the dining room.  
The rear grilling deck is just a few steps to the dining room table.  The substantial living room could feature a gas fireplace or a
spectacular home entertainment system with pre-wired surround sound.  Can you believe there's a walk-in closet in every
bedroom!  The 1st floor Master Suite features a Master Bath that offers both a jetted tub & stall shower.  The Master Bedroom can
be accessed from the front of the home as shown, through the kitchen, or both.  How about walk-in attic storage!  By eliminating
wasted square footage, we've saved you over $45,000 from the old 2,000sf designs.  Now you can afford custom and all the
upgrades & amenities you didn't think were possible.  So what is the square footage?   With rooms this size you'd never guess our
Contemporary Country is 1,620 SF!  

Whether you require a starter home that you can upgrade as your finances allow or a retirement home that is fully loaded from the
day you move in, your home will be of the utmost stick-built, hand-crafted quality that appreciates in value year after year.  Let us
customize this fantastic design & make your coastal country dream home a reality.
Time and again we've been asked, "What can you build that will
offer us the most home for our money?".  So we asked what
was important to you and you told us...  A true stick-built custom
country home of the utmost quality that looks great on a crawl
space foundation. The foundation must be rock solid exceeding
code, hurricane-rated lifetime architectural roofing,
hurricane-rated premium siding and Pella windows & doors.  
Everything must stand up to the coastal environment.  You
wanted 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a Master Suite on the 1st
floor with a large, beautiful Master Bath.  Walk-in closets and
plenty of storage. An open floor plan that caters to a busy family
and welcomes entertaining. A large covered front porch and a
back deck for grilling that can be expanded to any size.  
 Impossible?  We listened and we've